Sample route

Day 1

Depart hotel in Fukuoka

Transfer to Nagasaki

Nagasaki became a centre of colonial Portuguese
and Dutch influence in the 16th through 19th centuries.
Nagasaki is also famous as the having been
the second target of the atomic bomb in World War 2.

Nagasaki Sightseeing

Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum

Peace Park

Former Dutch Trading Post

Glover Garden

Oura Church

Hotel in Nagasaki

Oura Church in Nagasaki

Peace Park in Nagasaki

Day 2

Depart Hotel

Transfer to ferry terminal

Gunkanjima Cruise

The island served as a coal mine, but it was abandoned in 1974 and left to the elements.

Transfer to Kumamoto

Kumamoto sightseeing

Kumamoto Castle

Hotel in Kumamoto

Gunkanjima, Battleship Island

Kumamoto Castle in Spring



Day 3

Depart Hotel

Transfer to Kagoshima

Kagoshima Sightseeing

Kagoshima City is a castle town and is known for neighboring active volcano, Sakurajima

Chiran Sightseeing

Chiran is often referred to as the “Little Kyoto of Satsuma” , and was a base for kamikaze pilots at the end of the Pacific War.

Transfer to Ibusuki

Hotel in Ibusuki

Sakurajima from Kagoshima City

Old Samurai Residence in Chiran

Sand bath in Ibusuki

Day 4

Departing Hotel

Transfer to Miyazaki

Miyazaki Sightseeing

Enjoy the scenic coastal road south of Miyazaki.
The main building of Udo Jingu Shrine is set inside a cave in the cliff face, overlooking the sea.

Horikiri Pass

Aoshima Island

Udo Jingu Shrine

Hotel in Miyazaki

Udo Jingu Shrine

Horikiri Pass, Miyazaki



Aoshima Island, Miyazaki

Day 5

Depart Hotel

Transfer to Takachiho

Takachiho Gorge

Enjoy one of Japan’s most impressive
natural landscapes.

Transfer to Kurokawa

Kurokawa Onsen is one of the most popular hot spring resorts,
surrounded by the beautiful mountains

Hotel in Kurokawa Onsen



Takachiho Gorge

Takachiho Gorge in Autumn


Day 6

Depart Hotel

Transfer to Beppu

Beppu sightseeing

Beppu is famous for its unique and numerous hot springs,
which are one of Japan’s Three Great Hot Springs.

Transfer to Yufuin

Yufuin-Onsen is located in a small valley
surrounded by mountains,
and one of the most beautiful town in Kyushu.

Hotel in Yufuin Onsen



Umi Jigoku, Beppu


Kannawa, Beppu


Kinrin Lake, Yufuin


Yufuin Hot Springs



Day 7

Depart Hotel

Transfer to Fukuoka

Tour ends at Fukuoka airport


Hakata Station – Photo : JNTO